Wednesday, February 18, 2009

drugs are bad.

i think i could be the new poster boy of what happens when you do too many drugs. it seems the older i get, the more and more i forget stuff. sometimes i forget what i did the day before. in mid conversation, i will forget what i am talking about. i'm not kidding. ask my closest friends. they will tell you. i used to be smart. no, really, i was. i was in the top ten percent in high school. i got into the university of texas at austin with honors. i was supposed to be a doctor. there are a lot things my mother and father had planned for me to do; but, i discovered alcohol and drugs. i wish i hadn't. i dropped a lot of x and acid. probably two of the worst drugs for your brain. i bet if i were to get a CAT scan now, it would show massive holes in my brain. i used to drink heavily as well. it's a known fact that alcoholics are known to have mushy brains. the reason for this post is to scare you people to stop over-indulging in these substances. i see so many people doing this now. i don't judge people at all. it's one thing i pride myself on, but i also hate to see people waste their life away. it's cool to party here and there but sometimes you need someone to say 'chill'. instead of taking a massive rail of coke, take a mini one. instead of popping four pills, maybe only two? an old girlfriend once told me that i probably don't remember half of my life. the sad part is, she was right. enjoy life. have fun. remember the good times as well as the bad. i'm sure you guys are wondering why i am thinking about this but at 3.30 in the morning, it's the only thing in my head at the moment...

fashion week continues...

over the weekend a few of my favorite labels (shipley & halmos, rag & bone, band of outsiders, robert geller) showed their stuff in nyc.

shipley & halmos

sam shipley and jeff halmos, as most of you know, are my favorite designers. i have a lot of their shit. probably too much. i was a little disappointed with their latest collection. it had a different aesthetic that i couldn't quite grasp. now, don't get me wrong, i was still digging on a lot of their looks. hell, i'm sure i will end up with half of the shit in my closet come next fall. maybe when the pieces actually hit the racks i will change my mind? here are a few of my favorite looks... (i still say they should have won this year's 'best new menswear designer!!!)



band of outsiders

i get a lot of shit for liking this brand. it's hella expensive for the simplicity but it's the fit that gets me! i am a small guy so finding shit to fit me is not an easy task. most of the stuff i buy gets altered and it's not cheap. i can buy shirt off the rack. the fall stuff is the typical BoO look. a little bit of thom browne mixed in too; with the patterns and all. i want those sperry's!!!! someone buy me some. pretty please!?!?!?



robert geller

ok, any designer that makes clothes for vampires is ok in my book! geller's stuff is amazing. i love the dark tones of pieces. i hate vests but he styled them so well down the runway. hell, i might even wear one now...nah. it was just a thought. he elegantly threw in leather here and there and made it look good. i guess if my guys from shipley and halmos had to lose, it would be to this guy.




sorry for so many fashion blogs lately. it's fashion week, and well, i like clothes. just wait until baseball starts up. you will know everything you ever wanted to know about the red sox!!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

thom loves rag & bone

thom yorke will not be playing today's rag and bone show for ny fashion week but did curate the music that'll accompany the models down the runway. this comes as no surprise because when i helped him last summer, he mentioned his love for the label. hell, he wore r&b from head to toe at the grammys last sunday. can't wait to see the line for f/w 09!! i loves me some rag and bone...


Wednesday, February 11, 2009


so, here are my thoughts on the whole alex rodriguez and steroids issue. i love baseball. if you don't, then too bad...

a-fraud?? hardly. with everything being said about alex rodriguez, it's kind of hard not to think so. he had me fooled. as much i despise him as a person, i have the utmost respect for him as a baseball player. i always had his back when the whole steroid topic came up. i fought for his innocence. not alex. he was too good of a player. he respected the game too much. i've read a bunch of books on the baseball/steroid topic. i thought i knew who was using and who wasn't. tells you what i know...

i do know this though: i think alex's apology was bullshit. in my opinion, there is nothing worse than half truths. yea, he came out and said he took some stuff but he didn't tell us the complete story. his fans deserve more. he should have come completely clean. i want to know what he was stacking, what schedule he was on, how long he was using, and if the management/front office knew of the use in the clubhouse. all of these are questions i would expect him to answer. baseball has a steroid problem. there is no doubt about it. lots of players are using, but here's the thing: taking performance enhancing drugs does not allow you hit a 90+ mph fastball. they don't make you field a ball better. it still takes an enormous amount of skill to do what alex does. is he still taking some banned stuff? probably. do i care? not really. everyone in MLB is taking them. well, not everyone but a good majority of players. which brings us to another point: how is MLB going to remedy the problem?

i think we should hold bud selig and the owners of the team responsible. it starts at the top and works its way down. the trickle down effect if you will. until 2004, there were no penalties for testing positive for a banned substance. i think there is something inherently wrong with that! there needs to be stricter testing policies and tougher penalties for breaking those rules. setting up a press conference and saying you're sorry doesn't cut it in my book. at the same time, i'm not saying congress should get involved like they did before. this country has way bigger problems to deal with than punishing overpaid baseball players.
the president has far bigger issues to address in his first primetime news conference than steroids and baseball.

another topic of discussion should be how and why his name was leaked into the press. the test he took in 2003 was supposed to have been anonymous. the results were to be confidential. so, why then did sports illustrated rat him out? how did the players union allow this to happen? i think the reporters are just as bad as alex because they cheated their way to get this info. it wasn't their list to obtain. all of the barry bonds info was wrongfully acquired as well. when are there going to be limits to what the press can illegally get?!?

i'm not covering for alex at all. he cheated the game and his fans. but the only way to get baseball back to the way it was is fixing the problem. just because game attendance is higher than it has ever been, it doesn't give MLB the right to turn a blind eye for the sake of an extra dollar. the game is tainted and needs to be fixed. alex rodriguez, barry bonds, roger clemens...those are all bad apples that ruined it for the rest of the good, clean players. i just hope that derek jeter is clean. he is the only player i hold true to the game anymore. shame on you, mr. selig. i want the game i grew up loving and watching back!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

hands-on approach?

not only is tom ford a fashion genius, apparently he is an amazing photographer?? not only did he shoot his own spring/summer '09 lookbook, but he has also shot his own ad campaign. he disposed of his photographer last season because apparently no one else could capture the sense of movement tom felt best set off his clothes. i suppose? the outcome has been recieved fairly well. you decide...


radiohead x usc marching band

so, i finally watched the grammys and my favorite part was the radiohead performance. thom yorke is so f'ing smart. i mean, there is anything that jonny and thom can't do? usc marching band? who would have thought?!?! i saw them last summer. watching this reminded me of how good the show was. anyhoo, here it is for your viewing pleasure...

Monday, February 9, 2009

i have a new obsession ..

no, it's not a new stripper or blonde, bottle service girl (yes, i know, it's hard to imagine that i obsess over anything else...) it's actually something tangible. well, sort's a not-so-new restaraunt, bolsa. it opened last summer. it's over in my hood. i love it. i think i love it more than strippers and almost more than blonde, service indusry girls! there, i said it. if you live in dallas, then i'm sure you know what i'm talking about. they (bolsa, not the girls) are getting sooo much press these days; well deserved press that is. the staff is great. the owners are down-to-earth texans. oh, and the's really really good. graham (the head chef) does an amazing job. i don't eat meat so he makes me some pretty tasty entrees, my favorite being the eggplant parmesan. they aren't on the menu though so you can't get it. it's only for me because i am a badass!!! no, but really...the concept is pretty simple: fresh, local food that didn't come from a fryer or feezer. simple enough, eh? check them out. i'm sure you will find me there. i am there three days out of the week. sometimes more??? oh, make sure to leave room for dessert. their tart is the best. i swear!!!! hmmm, it's sooo good!! <---(yeap, that's what she said...)


Thursday, February 5, 2009

just when you thought it couldn't get any better...

the lineup for bonnaroo '09 was just announced! coachella is a dope lineup but i might have to say that bonnaroo is better! yeap, i said it. beastie boys, erykah badu, animal collective, mars volta, mgmt, band of horses, and of course my boys nine inch nails?!?!?! looks like i will be heading to tennessee in june!!! i think you should too!!


'check it out...

i've tried every approach to living. i've tried it all. i haven't tried everything, but i've tried every approach. sometimes, you have to try everything to get the approach the same but..i've tried it all. i bought a bunch of stuff and went 'nah, i don't like that.' i kind of came into that a couple of times. i thought i would shut myself off. i thought maybe that's cool? maybe that's what you have to do to be a genius; it's that you have to be mad? so, if you can get mad before you were a genius, then maybe you can make genius appear, right? that doesn't work either. i'm in a good place. i've paced myself pretty well at 30. i've seen some cool stuff. made a lot of stuff happen for myself. i made a lot of stuff happen for myself. that's a really cool sentence when you are in you're twenties. i made it happen for myself, right? but, all that means is that i've somehow or another found a way to synthesize love...or synthesize soothing. you can't get that. what i'm saying is that i've missed with all the approaches except for one. it's going to sound really corny, but that's just love. i've done everything in my life i've wanted to do but just give and feel love for my living. and i don't mean like a roman candle, firework, hollywood, hot pink love. but i mean like 'my god, you're back!!' love. i don't need to hear 'i love you.' you guys love me, i love you. we got that down. but, some of the people that tell you 'i love you' are the last to have your back. so, i'm going to experiment with this love thing: giving love, feeling love. i know it sounds really corny but it's the last thing i have to check out before i check out...'

i dunno. if you know me i'm not one for all that mushy shit, but this caught my attention for some reason? i've been listening to music all day (no, seriously) and this is what stuck with me all day. maybe this means i'm supposed to go back to baby dolls and ask paris on a date?? i mean, isn't that what dating is all about? finding your soulmate? my mother would be so proud. she's been bitching at me to settle down. maybe that's what i'll do tomorrow: ask paris out. i'll add it to my 'to do list'...

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

uniqlo x opening ceremony

uniqlo joined forces with opening ceremony and gilded age for their seasonal guest designer looks. i was really impressed with opening ceremony's. i really like the collaboration: uniqlo's rule of staying true to the basics and OC's 'hipster spirit.' here are a few from the upcoming spring season. can't wait...



Monday, February 2, 2009


'omg gt 2 go. ttyl' <--- what the hell is that shit?!?! i mean seriously. i am fed up with people who can't type out complete words. it's beyond me. typing in shorthand is going to save you, what?? maybe three extra seconds?!?!? beat it with that shit; in particularly with text messaging. it's becoming an epidemic that is spreading faster than heather's* legs 10 mins after leaving suite (a nightclub here in dallas) at 1.59am. it seems like everyone has a pda nowadays so there is no excuse because they all have keyboards with every single letter of the freakin alphabet. geez, my grandmother even has one and types out complete words in her texts! yea, you reading this...i know you are guilty of this, so stop doing it! the only reason i am so adamant about this subject is because i always end up having to ask the sender to decipher what he/she is saying and takes five times as long to get the original message across! which brings me to another point. learn how to fuckin spell, eh?!?! know the difference between there, their, and they're. hear and here. where and wear. if you don't know the difference then maybe you should go back to fifth grade? i'm just sayin...

*just a generic name i came up with...don't get upset if your name is heather and you go to suite. i wasn't talking about you.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

thank god...

so, the fall 09 paris fashion week came to a close and some rather interesting news came out that was of great interest to me. it was probably the best news i have heard in a long time. LVMH confirmed that it is financing gareth pugh's shows, thus ending months of speculation (and kicking off more speculation that he'll be tapped to replace kris van assche at dior homme). not that i hate kris's work at dior, but it seems ever since hedi slimane left dior in o7, the line has definitely suffered some steep criticism; and rightfully so. no one can ever compare to what hedi did for the dior house. he completely redefined menswear. kris van assche just can't seem to find his own there. he has as hard time keeping true to what made dior homme so popular in the early millennium, which was the 'skinny look', to what he seems to do, which is volume, and lots of it.

my favorite look from the collection.

least favorite

which leads us to gareth pugh, fashion's golden boy. he is a different one. his designs are over-the-top, too editorial. he is without a doubt talented but my hope is the peeps at LVMH can harness that creativity into more wearable clothes for the runway. we shall see. i am hoping so. sorry, kris. it's nothing personal, just business...


i can't sleep and it's getting out of control. it all started when i stopped drinking a little over a year ago. i am not one for taking pharmaceuticals to alleviate any type of illness (i do it the all natural way), but i think i may have to bite the bullet and eat some pills. i just took two valium and two xanax earlier in the evening and it seems to be doing the trick. i am actually sleepy. i probably won't be able to finish writing this blog because i will pass out. if this is the only way i am going to be able to sleep, then i think i may have a serious problem. what the fuck is wrong with me??


Friday, January 30, 2009

coachella lineup announced!!!

i am a HUGE music person. naturally, i was stoked to hear the lineup was announced a few days ago. i've already seen a lot of the bands on the bill but am super stoked to see the crookers, two badasses from milan. i bet they will throw down an intense set like they always do. i have been diggin on their essential mix they did for radio one for some time now. if you haven't heard of them, look them up!!! craze and klever, the bloody beetroots, crystal castles, and N.A.S.A. will all be there as well. looking at the bill for the three days, it's interesting to see a lot more dj/electronic acts than years past? i will put money that amy winehouse doesn't show. if she does, then it's only because they promise to pay her in drugs? maybe that's how hey will lure her out of st. lucia. she has been on holiday since december causing all sorts of trouble. poor amy. the way she had been going i figured she would have died by now. starting planning your trips to cali...


so, yeah...

everyday is exactly the same when you don't have a goddamn job. i suppose at this point (two months now) it is kind of my fault? i am just so damn picky. for those of you who don't know me, i got laid off. a friend suggested i jump on the blogging bandwagon and create one. good idea to pass the time i suppose?? whatever. i don't have a job and it sucks. at first it was fun because i didn't have to put up with the usual work routine, but now, it's almost worse than before. i am reduced to getting my ass kicked by little kids in god knows where in the world on xbox live. i even wear that fucking headset. yeap, i am that guy and i am offically a loser. it's cool though because i am saving money that i would spend elsewhere to pass the time such as movies, shopping, or the strip club. i'd rather be a loser gamer than be that guy that the strippers remember as a regular. i was on my way to becoming that guy and stopped the day paris (yeah, her name was paris. i swear. cross my heart...) remembered my name and asked me to wait my turn because she had to 'finish giving her other regular a dance.' i didn't want to be her regular. fuck that. with that said, i have a game of left 4 dead calling me. it's a great zombie game. honestly, it's the only game i don't suck at.