Monday, February 9, 2009

i have a new obsession ..

no, it's not a new stripper or blonde, bottle service girl (yes, i know, it's hard to imagine that i obsess over anything else...) it's actually something tangible. well, sort's a not-so-new restaraunt, bolsa. it opened last summer. it's over in my hood. i love it. i think i love it more than strippers and almost more than blonde, service indusry girls! there, i said it. if you live in dallas, then i'm sure you know what i'm talking about. they (bolsa, not the girls) are getting sooo much press these days; well deserved press that is. the staff is great. the owners are down-to-earth texans. oh, and the's really really good. graham (the head chef) does an amazing job. i don't eat meat so he makes me some pretty tasty entrees, my favorite being the eggplant parmesan. they aren't on the menu though so you can't get it. it's only for me because i am a badass!!! no, but really...the concept is pretty simple: fresh, local food that didn't come from a fryer or feezer. simple enough, eh? check them out. i'm sure you will find me there. i am there three days out of the week. sometimes more??? oh, make sure to leave room for dessert. their tart is the best. i swear!!!! hmmm, it's sooo good!! <---(yeap, that's what she said...)


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  1. if i stay in town this weekend we should do it. Bolsa I mean.