Monday, February 2, 2009


'omg gt 2 go. ttyl' <--- what the hell is that shit?!?! i mean seriously. i am fed up with people who can't type out complete words. it's beyond me. typing in shorthand is going to save you, what?? maybe three extra seconds?!?!? beat it with that shit; in particularly with text messaging. it's becoming an epidemic that is spreading faster than heather's* legs 10 mins after leaving suite (a nightclub here in dallas) at 1.59am. it seems like everyone has a pda nowadays so there is no excuse because they all have keyboards with every single letter of the freakin alphabet. geez, my grandmother even has one and types out complete words in her texts! yea, you reading this...i know you are guilty of this, so stop doing it! the only reason i am so adamant about this subject is because i always end up having to ask the sender to decipher what he/she is saying and takes five times as long to get the original message across! which brings me to another point. learn how to fuckin spell, eh?!?! know the difference between there, their, and they're. hear and here. where and wear. if you don't know the difference then maybe you should go back to fifth grade? i'm just sayin...

*just a generic name i came up with...don't get upset if your name is heather and you go to suite. i wasn't talking about you.

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